Thursday, July 28, 2005

Identity and God

Identism is a philosophy that is centered around the primacy of identity and the supremacy of the axiom. In a metaphoric sense, and only a metaphoric sense, identity is the God of the philosophy of Identism. Self-sameness is the primary thing from which all other things derive there existence and the law which asserts it, is the supreme law of existence. This mirrors the notion of god as creator and ultimate authority. In a literal sense, nonetheless, Identism is an atheistic philosophy. The gods of religion as they are generally defined (when a believer can be imposed upon for a definition) are contradictory non-identities which cannot be reconciled with the fact of self-sameness.

While the mystic mind would never be satisfied with a lesser god, because it is really non-identity that he worships, reason can dispense with the notion of the omnipotent being. Identism, however, does not provide an absolute refutation of a lesser god. It might also be claimed that the primacy of identity opens the door to the possibility of such a being because it demonstrates that identity is all that the axiom can account for and rejects the "lazy reason" which claims the basic components of the physical universe exists from axiomatic necessity. To argue for the existence of some sort of god in this manner, nonetheless, is much like using lost socks in the washing machine as evidence for gremlins in ones house.


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